Wade & silverstein claims victory on behalf of widows investor (santa clara, ca) april 16, 2011

Wade & Silverstein Claims Victory On Behalf of Widow Investor (Santa Clara, CA) April 16, 2011 – Wade Law Group (Santa Clara, CA) April 16, 2011 – The Silicon Valley Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein announced victory on behalf of its client when it announced that a settlement had been reached in the shareholder dividend case that the firm had filed on behalf of its client year. The firm’s client had alleged that she and her late husband had agreed to make a loan to an up and coming company in exchange for the company granting them shares in the company. She further alleged that after her husband passed away, the company had refused to provide her any of the funds that it was obligated to provide. When the company asserted that it had no contractual obligation to make any payment, the widow turned to Wade & Silverstein for help. When the firm took over, it sought to uncover facts that showed that the business was obligated to provide compensation to the firm’s client. ON Wednesday, the firm announced that a confidential settlement had been reached and that the firm and its client were pleased with the result. Managing Partner Amiel L. Wade stated: “I am so pleased that we were able to get things done for our client. At her age she is going to need the money that we were able to secure for her. This was a good result.”

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