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The firm’s founder, Amiel Wade was named a 2021 and 2022 Top Ten California Attorneys


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We are your personal Family Law Attorneys

We can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including the division of assets, child custody issues, and the establishment or modification of spousal support agreements. You should not have to face this alone, so we are ready to help you in any possible way.

Divorce is difficult enough without legal issues

Whether you are planning a divorce, going through one now, or dealing with the effects of a divorce, the attorneys at Wade Law Group can help you. We will handle all of the details quickly and efficiently so that you can move on.

At Wade Law Group, we walk you through your legal options and answer any questions you may have about how various decisions could affect your future and the future of your family. Whether you need child custody, child support, or help with the impending dissolution of your marriage, your divorce attorney at Wade Law Group will protect your rights. 


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Benefits Of Reaching Out To Wade Law Group

At Wade Law Group, our attorneys have a broad legal background and substantial experience in marital matters. Our legal team will determine whether the assets (and debts) are marital or separate, determine the value of the marital (community) property and decide how to divide it between the spouses.

Wade Law Group is a divorce firm with extensive experience in California Litigation of Divorce and which has provided superior legal services to many satisfied clients. Our Awards Throughout the years. Wade Law Group has a proven track record of winning cases and achieving top results. Our lawyers are trial attorneys who are ready to go to war for your cause. Wade Law Group is also the recipient of many awards. The firm was named the 2022 Top California Probate law Firm, by the Global Excellence Awards and the 2021 top California business litigation law firm, by New World Report


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What we've achieved throughout the years

Wade Law Group has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in a manner that gets winning results, which has caused the firm to receive numerous awards.

  • 10 Most CEOs to Watch in 2023” by Chief Digest
  • “Top-rated Family Law Attorney 2023” by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA)
  • “Top-rated Family Law Attorney 2023” by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys (AIFLA)
  • “Top Ten Companies to Watch 2023” by Business Chief
  • “Lawyer of the Year in Civil Litigation” by the American Institute of Legal Professionals
  • Top 10 Innovative Companies to Watch in 2022 by Business Chief’s Insight Magazine.
  • 2022 One of the best trial lawyers in America, by the National Institute of Trial Lawyers
  • 2022 Civil litigation lawyer of the Year” by The American Institute of Legal Professionals
  • 2022 Top 100 attorney in the US, by Top 100 magazine
  • 2022 Top Ten California Attorney, by The National Academy of family law attorneys
  • 2022 Top Probate Law Firm, California, by Global Excellence Awards
  • 2021 Top Business litigation law Firm, by New World Report
  • 2021 Top Ten California Attorney, by the National Academy of family law attorneys
  • 2021 Top Attorney Premier Lawyers of America
  • Top 10 Attorneys by The American Institute of family law attorneys
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by The Legal Network
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by Lawyers of Distinction
  • Top litigation attorney, by America Lawyer Media
  • Top attorney by Lawyers of Distinction
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We offer a unique Billing Pledge to all our Clients

We are mindful of every second of time we spend and the client’s desire to minimize fees while seeking expert legal service, so we only record the time necessary to achieve the client’s goal. 

Two firm managers and our founder, review your legal bills before they go out to make sure they are accurate, fair and in line with your case. We make sure that you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need. We also split the time between the lawyers and paralegals so that lawyers do not do any work that the paralegals can do and therefore reduce the cost. We believe great client service begins with fair and honest billing practices. Our firm provides exceptional service while minimizing expenses and protecting your assets. Wade

Law Group will not allow these common pitfalls to affect us. We will do quality work efficiently, and we will give you a clear breakdown of the tasks and hours performed in your case.


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1. What Makes Family Law Different From Other Areas of Litigation?

For most of us, our families are one of, if not the most important part of our lives. As a family law firm in California, we understand that most disputes in this area are emotionally charged and often difficult for both parties.

They create stressful situations for parents, children, and other family members. This emotional component sets family law apart from other practice areas.

Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer in California or need help resolving another issue, our team of family law attorneys is happy to help you navigate this stressful time. We care about your case and handle any family litigation with the highest level of compassion.

2. How Does Wade Law Group Deal With Child Custody Cases?

Child custody disputes are among the most difficult cases family law firms in California handle. At Wade Law Group, we approach each child custody case with empathy and sensitivity.

This is especially important when your child is directly involved in aspects of the legal proceedings. Children often feel stressed in these situations, and our team of family law attorneys works hard to make them comfortable. We understand how to represent you proactively and argue your case effectively without causing undue stress to your children and other family members.

Resolving child custody disputes requires more than legal experience and knowledge. A compassionate approach, combined with a solid strategy will help resolve your family law dispute as quickly and amicably as possible.

3. Can Family Disputes Be Prevented?

When you are looking to hire a divorce lawyer in California it is often too late to prevent a family law dispute entirely. At this stage, handling the dispute compassionately becomes the priority.

Family law attorneys in California can help prevent disputes in some circumstances. Negotiating prenuptial agreements is one of those areas. Considering the possible end of a marriage before exchanging vows may seem strange to some. However, it is often easier to discuss contracts when both parties are in agreement.

Our team of family law attorneys in California can help you clarify each party’s property and debts before the marriage, giving you peace of mind. In addition, the contract may include spousal and child support as well as business interests. Should your marriage end in separation or even divorce, a prenuptial agreement will simplify proceedings for this difficult time.

4. Why Choose Wade Law Group?

Our team of family law attorneys and divorce lawyers understands how delicate family disputes can be. The state of California has an above-average divorce rate. We are experienced in handling divorce cases, child custody agreements, and property division arrangements in the least stressful manner possible.

Our team handles cases effectively, yet discreetly. As your family law firm, we will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you, whilst remaining compassionate and professional. We have helped many families resolve their disputes successfully through both tough negotiation and skilful litigation. We are here for your family.


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