Wade & Silverstein Continue Support of Victims and Trial Lawyers July 20, 2003 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA) July 20, 2003 – The Silicon Valley Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein, announced Friday that it will intensify its commitment to offering its services to victims of catastrophic injuries, and it will also intensify its support of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (“ATLA”). Amiel L. Wade, President of Wade & Silverstein, and a member of Association of Trial Lawyers of America, will attend its annual convention scheduled to take place in San Francisco from July 19, 2003 through July 23, 2003. ATLA is a national organization of trial lawyers. It promotes justice for injured persons, it safeguards victims’ rights (particularly the right to trial by jury), and it strengthens the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety. The annual convention brings together some of the best trial lawyers in the country who earn continuing legal education credits while attending. It also brings together Exhibitors from across the globe that get the opportunity to expose attorneys to the very latest in legal technology, goods and services in a friendly, cooperative venue, with personal demos and one-to-one training. “We think that ATLA is doing terrific work”, noted Wade. “I have never seen an organization so dedicated to public health and safety. We are going to make a renewed commitment here at Wade & Silverstein to support this organization in every way that we can.”