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Episode 001

In this episode of Wade Law Group Podcast, we dive deep into the complex journey of divorce, offering insights and guidance to navigate the emotional, legal, and personal challenges that come with it

Episode 002

In this second episode we explore into the world of lawsuits and litigation, giving you the lowdown on how to come out on top and what steps to take if you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Episode 003

Beneficiary rights and navigating the steps after the loss of a loved one. Understanding your rights and the necessary actions during such a challenging, we aim to provide you with the clarity and guidance needed to handle these matters with confidence..

Episode 004

In this compelling episode we uncover the critical importance of understanding your property rights during a divorce, featuring exclusive insights from leading family law attorney Xochitl Quezada.

Episode 005

With the help of Jonathan Goldstein, a whiz in the legal arena, we’ll break down the nitty-gritty of facing a judge or jury and how to navigate the twists and turns of the legal process. If you’re in a legal bind, curious about your rights, or just love a good courtroom drama, this chat’s got your name on it.

Episode 006

with attorney Christine Miller unravel the ins and outs of real estate contracts. Join us as we get into the intricacies of sealing deals in California’s dynamic real estate landscape.

Episode 007

David Chon, a highly respected probate attorney, shares expert insights on safeguarding your interests during probate proceedings. Don’t miss out on this essential discussion to arm yourself with the tools to navigate the complexities of probate with ease.

Episode 008

Joint Property Ownership Unveiled – Real Estate Litigation with Multiple Buyers. Amiel hosts Christine Miller in an engaging discussion on the legal intricacies of joint property ownership. Stay informed with this invaluable insight into real estate litigation. Tune in now!

Episode 009

Join us as we discuss managing lawsuits from discovery to case resolution, providing valuable insights for legal professionals and enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss this crucial discussion to equip yourself with the tools needed for effective litigation management.

Episode 010

this episode features an in-depth discussion with probate law attorney David Chon. Tune in as they explore strategies for safeguarding beneficiaries’ rights during estate proceedings.

Episode 011

Legal Insights: Navigating Moving Away Orders, Custody, and Domestic Violence. Join us as family law attorney Xochilt Quezada explores critical legal challenges in family dynamics. Don’t miss this expert breakdown!

Episode 012

Real Estate Revelations: Managing Property Disclosures and Lender Reviews. Explore the nuances of real estate with attorney Christine Miller, as she shares her insights on crucial property and lending topics

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