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Wade Law Group was awarded the 2021
Top Business Litigation law firm by New World Report

We have resolved a wide range of business conflicts, including breaches of contracts, disputes involving partners or employees, and so on.

Our law firm is experienced in both plaintiff-side and defense-side commercial litigation in international courts. We have an excellent track record when it comes to multiple cases and our ultimate goal is to find an effective, cost-conscious resolution.

From its inception, Wade Law Group has been served by a highly skilled and dedicated group of lawyers. On behalf of their clients, these attorneys have challenged decades-old statutes, regulations and industry practices and continue to do so today.

Breach of Contract

Our lawyers protect the rights of businesses and individuals in contract lawsuits and have significant expertise and experience handling complex cases.

Invalidating A Contract

Defending clients accused of contract breach is our area of expertise. We look for ways to invalidate the contract, or any vague clauses which may be unenforceable.

Business Partner Dispute

At Wade Law Group, we understand how much is at stake in business and partnership disputes. We’re here to help you navigate through the legal process so you can get back to focusing on your company.


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Benefits Of Reaching Out To Wade Law Group

At Wade Law Group, our attorneys have a broad legal background and substantial experience in business litigation.

We provide legal services to assist businesses in solving disputes and resolving issues. Our services encompass holding those accountable for the full range of fraudulent, wrongful, and negligent business practices, including: Accounting malpractice, commercial disparagement (trade libel), fraud, government liability, lottery ticket fraud and class actions.

Wade Law Group-Our many years of business litigation experience has provided us with a depth and breadth of experience that is unequaled in the area of Litigation of business.


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Wade Law Group

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What we've achieved throughout the years

Wade law Group has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in a manner that gets winning results, and has caused the firm to become the recipient of numerous awards.

  • The firm was named 2022 Most Outstanding Probate Litigation Firm by Acquisition International 
  • Top business litigation law firm in the state in 2021.
  • 2021 and 2022 Top ten California attorneys, by the National Academy of family law attorneys.
  • 2021 Top Attorney Premier by Lawyers of Americas
  • Top ten attorney by the American Institute of family law attorneys
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by the Legal Network
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by Lawyers of Distinction
  • Top litigation attorney by America Lawyer Media
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How To Prepare For, Or Prevent, A Business Litigation Lawsuit

From the start, we work closely with our clients to pursue creative, efficient and practical solutions to a wide array of contentious business disputes. When litigation cannot be avoided, we defend our clients aggressively, effectively and in a financially responsible manner.

Be it pre-litigation counseling, alternative dispute resolution options including arbitration and mediation or aggressive litigation in state or federal courts (jury and non-jury), Wade Law Group is prepared to assist our clients from inception of the problem through the conclusion of the matter.

Our team of business litigation lawyers possess a broad range of experience in business and commercial litigation, corporate and business transactions, employment law, administrative law and labor and employment law.

At Wade Law Group, we act aggressively, assertively and empathetically to defend our clients’ interests. We are committed to serving our clients both in defending lawsuits as well as prosecuting them.


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We offer a unique Billing Pledge to all our Clients

We are mindful of every second of time we spend and the client’s desire to minimize fees while seeking expert legal service, so we only record the time necessary to achieve the client’s goal. 

Two firm managers and our founder, review your legal bills before they go out to make sure they are accurate, fair and in line with your case. We make sure that you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need. We also split the time between the lawyers and paralegals so that lawyers do not do any work that the paralegals can do and therefore reduce the cost.

We believe great client service begins with fair and honest billing practices. Our firm provides exceptional service while minimizing expenses and protecting your assets. Wade Law Group will not allow these common pitfalls to affect us. We will do quality work efficiently, and we will give you a clear breakdown of the tasks and hours performed in your case.


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1. Do All Business Litigation Matters Go To Trial?

In our experience as business litigation lawyers in California, only a small percentage of complex business disputes go to trial. Most are resolved through negotiation and arbitration. Our experienced business litigation attorneys fully understand that the future of your business is at stake when they meet opposing counsel.

We leverage our knowledge and experience to negotiate the most favorable outcome for your organization. Should negotiations fail and the matter does go to trial, you will find that our business litigation lawyers are equally at home in the courtroom as they are around the negotiation table.

Our credentials distinguish us from other business litigation lawyers in California. As a client, you have a distinct advantage with our team on your side. Any plaintiff being represented by the Wade Law Group is in good hands.

2. What is a Retainer Deposit?

A retainer deposit is an advance of payment made by a client to an attorney and it is considered a down payment on the future services rendered by that professional. The retainer deposit funds the initial expenses of the working relationship. Wade Law Group offers retainer-based billing so that portions of retainer deposits can be refunded if services end up costing less than originally planned.

For instance, with A $2000 Retainer Deposit If the hourly legal cost charges a total of $100 an hour, we would cover a 20-hour limit. In the case that more time is needed, we would charge the additional amount, and in the case that it is minor, we would return what was not needed.

Our goal is to be accessible and always make sure you’re getting the best representation possible.

3. Why us?

For over three decades, the commercial litigation attorneys at Wade Law Group have been representing clients in their most difficult and significant business disputes. Our professionals have vast experience successfully resolving numerous commercial litigation matters with dependability, expertise, and integrity.

When you’re facing legal trouble, it can be overwhelming. Wade Law Group helps clients understand what to expect and how to resolve the situation with speed and accuracy. If you are the victim of an infringement or a violation in connection with a commercial
matter, which can endanger everything you created or worked hard for, let our commercial
litigation lawyers take care of you and your business

the WADE LAW GROUP difference

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