Wade Law Group claimed victory on behalf of a corporate client

Wade Law Group Wins Another Lawsuit on behalf of Client August 27, 2014 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA) August 27, 2014 – Wade Law Group claimed yet another court victory yesterday on behalf of its corporate client. The firm’s latest victory occurred when superior court judge James Robertson II agreed to dismiss the lawsuit that had been brought against the firm’s client, Ambassador security. Ambassador security had been sued for battery and other charges by a plaintiff names Norman Sierra that had accused officers of Ambassador of abuse.
After taking the lawsuit, Amiel Wade declared that the case was without merit and that he would seek to obtain a judgment of dismissal. In its papers filed with the Court Wade argued that the judge was required to dismiss the case because the Plaintiff’s complaint lacked merit. Of course counsel for Sierra argued that the case did have merit and that Sierra was entitled to recover several hundred thousand dollars in damages.
On Friday, Judge A. James Robertson agreed with Wade Law Group and dismissed the case in its entirety and awarded Sierra to pay Ambassador’s costs.
When asked how he felt about the judgment, Wade stated: “Judge Robertson II did the right thing. My client didn’t deserve to be involved in this lawsuit.”
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