Wade & Silverstein Wins Case For Investors February 15 , 2009
(San Jose , CA ) February 16, 2009- The prominent Silicon Valley Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory on Friday. The latest victory involved a $200,000.00 judgment that the firm obtained on behalf of two investors. The dispute began after the firm’s clients decided to invest over $100,000.00 of their money into a business. The entrepreneur business owner had promised to repay the money over a period of several months with a high amount of interest. However, when the payments became due, the entrepreneur failed to make the required payments and the investors sought assistance from Wade & Silverstein. When Wade & Silverstein accepted representation, the firm’s President, Amiel L. Wade vowed to get the investors’ money back and stated that he would make certain that the Defendant would pay the investors additional money in order to compensate them for their emotional distress and grief. In response to the firm’s claim, the Defendant vigorously defended the action and stated that the investors owed him money and that they had been paid all of the money that they were entitled to receive. The entrepreneur countersued the investors for money damages of his own. On Wednesday, judgment was entered on behalf of the firm’s clients in the amount of $200,000.00. When asked about the judgment, firm President Amiel L. Wade stated: “our clients are so happy. They are really upset with the Defendant for trying to swindle them of their money. I am pleased that we were able to prevail.”
The firm has several offices in California, including, but not limited to, Sacramento, California (as Sacramento attorneys).