Wade & Silverstein Wins Case For Entrepreneur March 3, 2008
(San Jose , CA ) March 3, 2008- The aggressive Silicon Valley law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory yet again on Thursday. The latest victory involved the settlement of a lawsuit that the firm initiated against two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs , alleging that they had fraudulently taken money from their co-founder (one of the Firm’s clients). The case involved three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who had all co-founded a successful Silicon Valley Technology Corporation. Eventually the founders’ relationship with one another began to deteriorate after the two Defendants borrowed several hundred thousand dollars from the firm’s client and later refused to repay the money on the agreed upon due date. As the parties’ relationship continued to deteriorate, the Defendants excluded the firm’s client from the corporation and continued to refuse to pay any money to the firm’s client. As a result of the Defendants’ conduct, the Plaintiff eventually turned to Wade & Silverstein for help. Once retained, the firm immediately initiated a lawsuit on the Plaintiff’s behalf and demanded that the Defendants pay to the Plaintiff extensive monetary damages. After the Defendants denied all of the material allegations of the lawsuit and indicated that they had done nothing wrong, Wade & Silverstein conduct extensive discovery in the case in an effort to gather evidence in support of its client’s claims. On Wednesday, the Defendants decided to settle the case and the parties reached a confidential settlement agreement. After the settlement had been reached, Wade & Silverstein partner Judi L. Silverstein stated, “this was a very satisfying settlement. People should learn that they can’t disrespect their peers and they must adhere to their promises.”