Wade & Silverstein Obtains Judgment for Small Business Owners March 13, 2008 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA ) March 13, 2008- The Silicon Valley law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory on behalf of two clients. The latest victory involved a judgment that the firm obtained on behalf of two business owners who had sold their business to buyers that had refused to pay the agreed upon purchase price. The dispute began when the firm’s clients sold their business to anxious buyers with an understanding that the buyers would pay some of the purchase price at the time of the purchase and the remaining $220,000 in installments. However, after the business was sold, the buyers refused to adhere to their obligation to make the required payments. When the owners became upset with the buyers refusal to pay, they turned to Wade & Silverstein. At the time of the firm’s retention, the firm’s President, Amiel L. Wade vowed to help the owners recover their money. On Wednesday, the firm achieved success when judgment was entered in favor of the firm’s client in the amount of $220,000. After the case was over, Wade & Silverstein President Amiel L. Wade indicated: “this was a very satisfying result. Our clients deserve this victory.”
The firm has several offices in California, including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, California (as Los Angeles attorneys).