Wade Law Group Wins Summary Judgment on Behalf of Client (Santa Clara, CA) February 7, 2011 – Wade Law Group
The prominent Law Firm of Wade Law Group procured yet another victory on behalf of their client. Their latest victory involved a Superior Court Summary Judgment entered on behalf of Mui Chong in response to Chong’s motion for summary judgment seeking a total judgment in the amount of $380,000, plus attorney’s fees and costs.
Chong was a homeowner who hired an alleged general contractor by the name of Peter Yueh-Chun Ma to remodel her home. Chong alleged in her lawsuit that Ma had misrepresented that he was a licensed contractor when in actuality he was not. Chong also alleged that Ma had performed defective work, tried to extort money from her and had taken her money before ultimately walking off the job and leaving the construction incomplete.
After Chong retained Wade Law Group, the firm filed a comprehensive complaint alleging seventeen causes of action against Ma. Ma answered the lawsuit and denied all of the allegations. He claimed that he had done nothing wrong and that Chong actually owed him money. However, Superior Court Judge Peter H. Kirwan, rejected Ma’s arguments when he granted Chong’s motion for summary judgment.
When asked how he felt about the judgment, Wade stated: “I’m so happy for Mui. She was the victim of horrible deceit and fraud. We want contractors everywhere to know that if they commit fraud or perform abysmal work they will be held accountable”.

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