Wade Law Group Wins Jury Trial for Client (San Jose, CA) August 2, 2013 – Wade Law Group The prominent Law Firm of Wade Law Group procured yet another victory on behalf of its client yesterday. The firm’s latest victory involved a jury trial verdict that the firm won on behalf of Louis Norga, a landlord of an apartment complex. Norga, who is approximately 82 years old, was involved in a lawsuit in which two tenants had alleged that he discriminated against them and retaliated against them by trying to evict them after they had filed prior complaints against him with the department of fair housing. The tenants were represented by two law firms and four separate attorneys, all of whom participated in the trial and vowed that they would seek justice on behalf of their clients. The tenants’ lawyers asserted that Norga had engaged in obvious retaliation and discriminated against their clients and that they would prove that their clients were entitled to remain in the premises, which would entitle them to recover monetary damages against Norga as well as reimbursement of all of their attorney’s fees. Shortly after Norga retained Wade Law Group, Amiel Wade, the firm’s Managing Partner asserted that the claims against Norga were without merit and that he would seek justice on behalf of his client. On Monday, July 29, 2013, the trial began. During the trial, Norga was represented by Wade and one of the firm’s associates, Traci Holian. During his closing argument, Wade, among other things, reminded the jury that they had taken an oath to follow the law and that the law required them to render a verdict on Norga’s behalf. It appeared that he jury followed Wade’s advice yesterday when they returned a verdict in favor of Norga and rejected the tenants’ arguments. When asked how she felt about the verdict, attorney Traci Holian stated: “I’m so happy for our client, I believe that the jury did justice in this case.”