Appeals: What is a Civil Appeal?

What is a Civil Appeal?

When someone hopes to have a lower court’s final decision reversed, legal appeals are the logical course of action. These appeals are applications made to higher courts. And these appeals aren’t reserved for criminal cases — civil cases can also be appealed through a similar process. However, appellate law isn’t simple — and its complexity arises from the extremely high burden of proof necessary for a successful California civil appeal. Ultimately, appeals are nothing more than one judge officially correcting another judge’s mistake. And seeing as the legal system rarely admits to errors, those appealing to a higher court must present concrete and highly compelling evidence. With that in mind, selecting some of the best appeal lawyers in California is highly recommended — which is why Wade Law Group is here to help.


The Obstacles & Deadlines of Filing a Civil Appeal

The filing process for California civil appeals involves an extremely strict procedure and similarly strict deadlines — because the appeals process involves examining the missteps of the court. For instance, applicants have only 180 days to file their Notice of Appeal — which is the legal document that shows your intent to appeal the court’s decision. And even with extensions, it’s impossible to file an appeal past this window. The other intricacies of this process are precisely why you should consult with our appellate attorneys in California. Our in-depth understanding of the appeals process in California allows us to pursue your appeals both successfully and efficiently.


Why You Need Legal Representation to Appeal

As you might have surmised already, the appeals process is immensely complex. To navigate it successfully, you’d need intricate knowledge of its legal minutiae and procedure. Luckily, a qualified attorney backed by an experienced legal team can be of great help in the process of filing an appeal. Every member of our legal team — from paralegals to lawyers — is adept at providing assistance with the research, writing, and other important aspects of the appeal process. We have some of the best appeal lawyers in California — and most importantly, they’re able to tell you whether you have actual cause for an appeal, to begin with. After that, they can explain the entire process to you in easily understandable terms, as well as all the possible outcomes of a potential appeal. In some cases, the likelihood of successfully overturning a court judgment is minimal — and objectively not worth the cost of an appeal. On the other hand, there are instances where the trial court has clearly made an error of law that hugely increases the chances of succeeding in the court of appeal. Regardless of which, Wade Law Group will be able to guide you to the best possible conclusion with our highly-qualified appeals attorneys.