Why Choose Wade Law Group?

Wade Law Group is an Award-Winning law firm that helps both individuals and businesses win court cases throughout the state in a manner that has resulted in the firm being the recipient of numerous awards, including, but not limited to being named the top business litigation firm in the state and one of the top ten firms in the area of client satisfaction in the state.

What sets Wade Law Group apart from other law firms is the emphasis that the firm puts on client satisfaction and the proven systematic approach to litigation. Client satisfaction is
the most important aspect of the firm’s practice and it’s the firm’s mission to provide superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none. Unlike other law firms, Wade Law Group’s staff is empathetic to its clients, listens to their concerns, and implements strategies to achieve their goals.

The trusted team at Wade Law Group has demonstrated a history of success as a litigation law firm serving clients throughout the state of California. The firm has a proven track record of winning on behalf of its clients. The firm has received awards for the high number of five-star client testimonials received. The firm’s expertise includes skillful guidance for complex cases across various practice areas.

Business Litigation

The firm’s lawyers represent businesses and individuals in contract lawsuits and have significant expertise and experience handling complex cases. The firm has resolved a wide range of business conflicts, including breaches of contracts, disputes involving partners or employees, and more. Regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a business litigation case, the firm’s goal is to find an effective, cost-conscious resolution. Wade Law Group is recognized in the California legal community for a record of success and a reputation as tenacious advocates for our clients. Wade Law Group’s business and partnership dispute lawyers can provide the representation you need to feel confident during

Probate Litigation

Losing a family member is painful enough without having to deal with family disputes. In some cases, however, surviving relatives cannot agree on the deceased person’s final
wishes. An heir may disagree on an inheritance dispute. Surviving siblings may argue with the estate administrator about the terms of a trust. Disputing a will is also common.
Regardless of whether you are an heir, an estate administrator or another party to a Will or trust, the team at Wade Law Group can help you find a solution.

Real Estate Litigation

Wade Law Group’s civil litigation practice includes corporate and business disputes, real estate disputes, construction disputes, serious personal injury maters, probate matters,
divorce litigation and family law matters and more. When a party is sued, that party needs a proven trial lawyer who knows the courtroom as well as the dynamics of litigation. It is extremely important for the participants have a competent and savvy attorney who can provide adequate and aggressive representation. At Wade Law Group this can be provided.

Civil Litigation

The firm focuses exclusively on litigation matters. Wade Law Group’s founding attorney, Amiel Wade, has more than 25 years of experience practicing law. He has been recognized
as a top California attorney by American Lawyer Media and the Legal Network. Wade Law Group assist you with all phases of the litigation process and partner with you to find the best outcome for you, your family, or your company.


When a civil litigation case produces an unsatisfactory result, the attorneys of Wade Law Group have decades of collective experience representing clients in state and federal
appellate courts. The firm has handled appeals related to real estate litigation, business disputes, family law matters and other practice areas.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries happen in a multitude of ways, and they usually share similar devastating aftereffects. The sad part is that most of these accidents and occurrences could have been
avoided. Negligence by another party and sometimes even yourself is the main culprit. The firm’s founders are experienced business and trial attorneys who have handled several high-profile cases resulting in winning trial verdicts, the highest of which was over $11 million dollars.

Family Law

Whether you are planning a divorce, going through one, or dealing with the effects of it, the attorneys at Wade Law Group can help you. They will handle all the details quickly and
efficiently so that you can move on. Whether you need child custody, child support, or help with the impending dissolution of your marriage, your divorce attorney at Wade Law Group will protect your rights.