Wade Law Firm & Silverstein declared victory

(San Jose , CA ) August 5, 2009-The prominent law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory yet again on Wednesday when it won an appeal seeking to overturn a defense judgment that it had won on behalf of its client. The appeal was initiated by an opposing law firm after Wade & Silverstein had obtained a defense verdict against a landlord who had sued the firm’s clients.The lawsuit alleged, among other things, that an automobile corporation and its two founding officers (who desire to remain anonymous) had failed to comply with the terms of their commercial lease and consequently owed the landlord corporation thousands of dollars in back rental payments. The landlord corporation was seeking over $100,000.00 in damages, including attorney’s fees and costs. Shortly after being served with the lawsuit, the defendant automobile corporation and its two founding officers retained the law firm of Wade & Silverstein. Wade & Silverstein took the position that the lawsuit was unfounded and that as a result of the landlord’s conduct, it had waived its right to receive any alleged back rent. In June of 2006, Wade & Silverstein won the case for their clients and the judge ordered the landlord to reimburse the firm’s clients for all of their attorney’s fees. After the lawsuit concluded, the Defendant Landlord filed an appeal seeking to overturned the judgment. In response to the appeal, Wade & Silverstein filed an extensive opposition and stated that the appeal was without merit. On Thursday, the Appellate Court agreed with Wade & Silverstein and denied the appeal. The Court also ordered the landlord to Landlord to reimburse the firm’s client for all of the attorney’s fees that they incurred in connection with the appeal. When asked how she felt about the denial of the appeal, Wade & Silverstein attorney Mikela Babayan indicated: “We are so happy with the appellate Court’s decision. This was a bitterly contested case that has finally been put to rest. I am really happy for our clients.”
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