Wade & Silverstein Wins Lawsuit For Swindled Homeowner February 22, 2009 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose , CA ) February 22, 2009- The Prestigious Santa Clara Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein victory yet again on Wednesday when it obtained a judgment on behalf of its client in the amount of $200,000.00. The dispute began when a mortgage broker and a notary conspired to forge the firm’s client’s signature on various real estate documents. As a result of their fraud, the perpetrators caused a second mortgage to be taken out on the firm’s client’s home. When Wade & Silverstein began representation, the firm’s President, Amiel L. Wade stated I am outraged by the Defendants’ conduct. I will make certain that our client obtains justice in this case.” On Thursday, judgment was entered in favor of the firm’s client in the amount of $200,000.00. After the judgment was entered, President Amiel L. Wade stated: “this was a good result for our client because unfortunately the Defendants don’t have any additional money. However, as long as our client is happy, I’m please with the outcome.” Wade & Silverstein is a law firm specializing in business law and civil litigation. The firm’s founders are experienced business and trial attorneys who have handled several high profile cases, resulting in winning trial verdicts, the highest of which was over $11 million dollars. Its clients include companies in the fields of electronics, construction, software development, internet and electronic commerce, real estate, marketing communications and others. The firm is dedicated to providing superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.
The firm has several offices in California, including, but not limited to, San Mateo, California (as San Mateo attorneys).