Wade & Silverstein Wins lawsuit for Silicon Valley Executive December 6, 2005 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA) December 6, 2005 -The Silicon Valley law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory Monday on behalf of one of its clients. The latest victory involved the firm’s representation of a Silicon Valley Female Executive who was sued by California Casualty Insurance Company for allegedly causing a five-car accident on highway 101 in April of 2004. Although the case was scheduled for a jury trial on December 5, 2005, Wade & Silverstein was successful in getting the entire lawsuit dismissed on Thursday, December 1, 2005. On April 17, 2004 at approximately 2:20 p.m., a five-car accident occurred on Northbound 280 near Bascom avenue in San Jose. When the police arrived at the scene, they interviewed witnesses, conducted an investigation and concluded that only one person was responsible for the entire accident. That person was a Silicon Valley Female Executive (who has requested anonymity). The Police issued the executive a citation and included their findings in their police reports. Shortly after the accident occurred, the executive was sued in Superior Court in Santa Clara County. The executive was accused of causing the entire accident, making an unsafe lane change and driving at an unsafe speed. The Plaintiff, California Casualty Insurance Company was seeking monetary damages to try and recoup money that it had paid out to its insured drivers who were involved in the accident. The executive was facing potential liability of about $100,000.00 in damages from all the alleged victims of the accident.Shortly after being sued, the executive retained the law firm of Wade & Silverstein to defend her. At the time the firm was retained, the executive had already been receiving settlement demands from California Casualty Insurance Company who had been asserting that the evidence so clearly showed that the executive had caused the accident (and had no defense to the suit), that the executive should adhere to its demands and pay. After being retained, Wade & Silverstein conducted its own investigation into the accident. Their lawyers interviewed witnesses, deposed witnesses and conducted legal and formal discovery in the case. During Wade & Silverstein’s investigation, the firm produced evidence that there was actually another driver who had caused the accident and that the executive was merely trying to avoid being hit by other drivers when she swerved her vehicle into other cars. Wade & Silverstein asserted that the executive had been wrongly accused, that under the circumstances she was not legally responsible for the accident and that in all fairness the case should be dismissed against the executive. The firm vowed to seek vindication from a jury at trial if the case was not dismissed . On Thursday, December 1, 2005 (although it had been refusing to do so up until said time) California Casualty Insurance Company dismissed their entire case against the executive (conceding that Wade & Silverstein would likely prevail at trial). The dismissal was filed just four days before the trial was scheduled to begin.The Silicon Valley Executive stated: “I can’t believe that they dismissed it. Wade & Silverstein is the greatest law firm ever. They made this happen and they hung in there with me through thick and thin. I am so happy!” “This is the way the justice system is supposed to work. I am so happy for our client! She has endured so much grief over the past year and a half”, stated firm president, Amiel L. Wade.
The firm’s attorneys also are accident attorneys