Wade & Silverstein Wins Judgment for Homeowner (Santa Clara, CA) January 16, 2011 – Wade Law Group
(Santa Clara, CA) January 16, 2011 – Wade & Silverstein Law Corporation won yet another case on Friday on behalf of one of its clients. The latest victory involved a Superior Court judge entering Judgment in the amount of $225,000.00 on behalf of the firm’s client. The client was Jasvinder Nijjar, a homeowner who claimed that his real estate broker submitted a fraudulent claim for a commission in connection with the sale of his home. According to Nijjar, his broker had agreed to take a commission of just 0.5 percent. However, while the sale of the home was in escrow, the broker submitted documentation to the title company alleging that the broker was entitled to receive a six (6) percent commission. When escrow closed, Nijjar discovered the that broker had taken almost $30,000 more in commissions than the office was allowed to recover. When the broker refused to return Nijjar’s money, he sought the help of Wade & Silverstein. When Wade & Silverstein became involved, Amiel Wade, the firm’s President, asserted that the firm would go after the broker for substantial damages, including those damages to compensate Nijjar for his pain and suffering. On Friday, after a vigorously contested legal battle, the judge entered judgment on behalf of Nijjar in the amount of $225,000.00. The judge also made an order that will require the Defendants to reimburse Nijjar for all of his attorney’s fees and costs expended. When asked how he felt about the judgment, Nijjar, stated: “I’m so glad that I won. They forged documents and that was wrong.”

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