Wade & Silverstein Wins Another lawsuit for Silicon Valley Entrepreneur December 13, 2005 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA) December 13, 2005 -The Silicon Valley law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory again Wednesday on behalf of one of its clients. The latest victory involved the dismissal of a lawsuit that was filed by petroleum powerhouse Chevron U.S.A. Inc., in federal court against a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur who owned and operated a Chevron gas station under a franchise agreement. On August 18, 2005, Chevron U.S.A. Inc. sued the Entrepreneur (who has requested anonymity) in federal court pursuant to allegations that the entrepreneur had, among other things, failed to report income earned by the entrepreneur to both Chevron U.S.A. and the federal and state taxing authorities. The lawsuit also alleged that the entrepreneur had: i) violated numerous provisions of his franchise agreement with Chevron U.S.A.; ii) withheld required information from Chevron and iii) intentional cheated chevron out of money that the entrepreneur owed to Chevron as a result of his failure to report his earnings. In its lawsuit, Chevron was seeking specific orders from the court requiring the entrepreneur to: i) give up possession of the Chevron gas station, ii) pay an unspecified amount of monetary damages and iii) pay all of Chevron’s attorneys fees and costs incurred by Chevron in connection with the lawsuit. Shortly after being served with the lawsuit, the entrepreneur retained the law firm of Wade & Silverstein who conducted its own investigation into the allegations. Last week after completing both its investigation and its discussions with Chevron’s attorneys, the parties announced Friday that Chevron has agreed to dismiss its entire lawsuit against the entrepreneur, including all of its demands for monetary damages and attorneys fees. When ask how he felt about Chevron’s decision to drop its entire lawsuit, the entrepreneur stated: This is incredible! I thought for sure that I would be involved in this mess forever. I owe my attorney, Judi Silverstein for getting me out of this mess and for getting the lawsuit dismissed. I can’t believe I don’t have to pay Chevron anything! When asked how she felt about Chevron’s decision, Judi L. Silverstein, executive partner of Wade & Silverstein stated: “Chevron did the right thing in this case. We felt that we had several good defenses to their lawsuit. Our client is a good man and a decent person and I am pleased that he is happy with the results.”
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