Wade & Silverstein Procures yet another Dismissal April 27, 2007 – Wade Law Group
( San Jose , CA ) April 27, 2007 -The prominent law firm of Wade & Silverstein has successfully obtained another dismissal of a civil lawsuit filed against one of its’ clients this past week. The lawsuit (that was filed last year) alleged, among other things, that multiple defendants had improperly and negligently constructed a residential home. Accordingly, the project architect, architectural designer, builders and others were sued. Shortly after being served with the lawsuit, the Architectural Designer retained Wade & Silverstein. The other Defendants were being represented by their own separate counsel. Wade & Silverstein maintained all along that the allegations against the designer were unfounded. Accordingly, its attorneys vigorously defended the action on behalf of the designer, alleged various affirmative defenses and propounded numerous discovery requests to the Plaintiffs in the case. Last week, the lawsuit against the designer (only) was dismissed, including all demands for monetary payment. The lawsuit against the other defendants in the action (who are not represented by Wade & Silverstein) continues. When asked how she felt about the dismissal, Judi L. Silverstein, executive partner of Wade & Silverstein stated: “I’m happy for our client. The Plaintiffs did the right thing. We feel that justice was done in this case.” Wade & Silverstein is a law firm specializing in business law and civil litigation. The firm’s founders are experienced business and trial attorneys who have handled several high profile cases, resulting in winning trial verdicts, the highest of which was over $11 million dollars. Its clients include companies in the fields of electronics, construction, software development, internet and electronic commerce, real estate, marketing communications and others. The firm is dedicated to providing superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.
The firm has several offices in California, including, but not limited to, Oakland, California (as Oakland attorneys).