Wade & Silverstein LLP Procures Dismissal Against Client January 19, 2004 – Wade Law Group
(San Jose, CA) January 19, 2004 – The Silicon Valley Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein LLP, announced Friday that it would offer special discount rates to members of the Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs. Wade & Silverstein LLP, a corporate member of the organization, decided to offer the discount rates after it became apparent that the slowing economy made it increasingly difficult for start-up entrepreneurs to afford the hourly rates of Silicon Valley Law Firms. The Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs is the largest and fastest growing non-profit association in Northern California dedicated exclusively to helping early stage entrepreneurs across all technology sectors build successful companies. The organization was founded by a group of software engineers in 1995 and has been growing steadily ever since in spite of general economic downturns. The organization hosts 6-10 events each month, which are attended by 400-600 technology executives and press. “We at Wade & Silverstein are sympathetic to the problems facing today’s start-up entrepreneurs,” noted Amiel L. Wade, President of Wade & Silverstein LLP. “We would like to help them succeed in any way that we can, even if it involves lowering our fees. We have seen an increasing number of entrepreneurs delay in obtaining the legal services that are critical to the development of their businesses merely because the slowed economy has made it increasingly difficult for them to generate the revenue necessary to pay their attorneys. The development of small businesses is essential for the growth of the economy and the community, of which we all are members.” Wade & Silverstein is a law firm that offers both transactional and litigation services to both individuals and businesses. The firm’s founders are experienced business and trial attorneys who have handled several high profile cases, including one which resulted in a winning jury verdict of over $11 million dollars last year. Its core practice areas are corporate and business, business litigation and personal injury litigation. Its clients include accident and other personal injury victims, as well as companies in the fields of electronics, software development, Internet and electronic commerce, marketing communications, design engineering, trade associations and others.
The firm has several offices in California, including, but not limited to, Sunnyvale, California (as Sunnyvale attorneys).