Wade & Silverstein Gets Class Action Case Dismissed October 18, 2007 – Wade Law Group
(Santa Clara, CA) October 18, 2007 -The prominent law firm of Wade & Silverstein declared victory again Wednesday on the courthouse steps. The latest victory involved the dismissal of a class action lawsuit that was filed against one of the firm’s clients. The lawsuit alleged that Wade & Silverstein’s client had, among other things, created software that would install itself inside the computers of unknowing internet users and subsequently mislead them into believing that their computers were infected with a phony virus. After being installed, the software would allegedly mislead the computer users into believing that they needed to purchase new software in order to get rid of the virus, which allegedly caused millions of consumers to ultimately pay the firm’s client millions of dollars. Immediately after being served with the aforementioned lawsuit, the Defendant contacted Wade & Silverstein to defend him in the case. The firm’s attorneys declared upon completing their investigation that Plaintiffs’ allegations were unfounded and that Wade & Silverstein would ultimately win the case unless Plaintiffs’ attorneys decided to dismiss the case. Subsequently, the case became highly publicized and the attorneys on both sides provided television interviews to the media articulating their positions. The Plaintiffs’ attorneys vehemently declared that the Plaintiffs ‘ case was strong and that Wade & Silverstein’s client would ultimately be liable for paying out millions of dollars to consumers. In response to Plaintiffs’ attorneys’ assertions, Wade & Silverstein’s attorneys continued to declare that they would ultimately expose Plaintiffs’ allegations as being without merit. Last week, almost one year after the case was filed, Plaintiffs’ attorneys dismissed the entire lawsuit, including all demands for monetary payment against Wade & Silverstein’s client. When asked if she was pleased with the outcome of the case, Judi L. Silverstein, executive partner of Wade & Silverstein, indicated: “yes, I’m very pleased with the outcome of the case. Our client did absolutely nothing wrong and this case should have never been brought in the first place.”
The firm has a reputation for being aggressive and acting as aggressive attorneys.