Wade & Silverstein Claims Victory On Behalf of Time Share Victims (Santa Clara, CA) December 12, 2010 – Wade Law Group
(Santa Clara, CA) December 12, 2010 – The Silicon Valley Law Firm of Wade & Silverstein announced victory Friday on behalf of its clients John and Marilyn Hicks when it announced that a major timeshare provider agreed to void all of the timeshare documents that the firm’s clients had signed. Apparently the firm’s clients, both of whom are senior citizens had signed documents obligating them to purchase expensive timeshares in both San Francisco and Las Vegas. When the couple sought the help of Wade & Silverstein, they claimed that they wanted to reverse the contracts that they had signed. When Wade & Silverstein began its representation, it claimed that the couple had signed the documents under duress and that the timeshare provider actually committed fraud in connection with the couple’s documents. Today, the firm announced that the provider has agreed to void all of the documents signed by the firm’s clients and release the couple from any obligation to purchase the timeshares. When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Partner Amiel L. Wade stated: “my clients are relieved. They were really upset with the conduct of the timeshare provider. We are pleased that they did the right thing by releasing our clients from the timeshare obligation.”

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