Wade Law Group Wins Yet Another Jury Trial on Behalf of Client (San Jose, CA) November 5, 2013 – Wade Law Group
The prominent Law Firm of Wade Law Group won yet another jury verdict yesterday on behalf of its client. The firm’s latest victory involved a jury trial verdict that the firm won on behalf of Virginia Becker, a former business owner.
The lawsuit was brought against Becker by Shawn Phelps who claimed that after Becker sold him her business, she took it back illegally, interfered with his contracts with others, defamed his character and committed fraud. Becker claimed that she had done nothing wrong and that she had actually purchased back the business from Phelps in a legal manner after he had originally purchased it from her.
At the trial, Phelps’ counsel asked the jury to award Phelps over $500,000 in lost earnings from the business as well as additional punitive damages and emotional distress damages. On behalf of Becker, Amiel Wade of Wade Law Group argued that Phelps’ claims were bogus and that the jury should actually award Becker damages on her cross-complaint for breach of contract and fraud. Wade argued that it was Phelps who had breached the parties’ contract and that his actions had been despicable and amounted to fraud. The trial lasted for six days.
After just several hours of deliberation, the jury returned a defense verdict on behalf of Becker (rejecting all of Phelps’s claims). Moreover, the jury returned a verdict for Becker and against Phelps on Becker’s cross-complaint in the amount of $128,500.00, which included an award of punitive damages against Phelps.
When asked how he felt about the verdict, attorney Amiel L. Wade stated: “I’m so proud of the members of the jury. They saw through the rhetoric and achieved justice. I’m very happy for our client”. When asked how she felt about the verdict, Becker stated: “I was terrified of the prospect of losing my home, my retirement; everything. Thank goodness I selected Wade Law Group to represent me. Amiel L. Wade is the best.”

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