Wade Law Group claimed victory

(San Jose, CA) June 9, 2020 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory today on behalf of its client, Levana Henson, when the firm prevailed on an appeal that was filed by Rosalyn Harrington against the firm’s client. The appeal was filed in November of 2018, after Wade Law Group prevailed at trial on Ms. Henson’s behalf. The victory resulted in Henson being deemed the sole beneficiary of an estate valued at over $680,000.00.
The case was first brought to trial in August of 2018, after Ms. Harrington claimed that she was the legal heir and child of the late Alfred Thomas, Jr. Harrington claimed that since she was Alfred Thomas, Jr.’s child, she was entitled to be awarded his entire estate. Wade Law Group argued on behalf of Henson that Harrington was not the legal heir, nor the child of Alfred Thomas, Jr., and that it was Henson (Alfred Thomas, Jr.’s sister) who should be awarded his entire estate.
The case was tried in August of 2018 before the honorable Thomas E. Kuhnle. After a five-day bench trial, the Court entered judgment on behalf of Henson. However, soon after Henson and Wade Law Group celebrated the judgment, Harrington appealed the judgment, which by law, kept Henson from gaining any access to the estate pending the appeal.
Today, nearly two years after the case was tried, the Sixth District Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision in favor of Henson. When asked how he felt about the case, Wade stated: “I’m really happy for Levana. She’s had to wait a very long time to gain access to money that is rightfully hers. Justice has prevailed.”