Victory claim for client against Costco

(San Jose, CA) October 20, 2019 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory Friday against Costco when Judge Jonathan W. Fattarsi entered a ruling on behalf of the firm’s client, after a disputed trial. The firm’s latest trial involved Costco’s request for a civil harassment order against the firm’s client (who prefers to remain anonymous), preventing him from re-entering into Costco. Costco alleged that the firm’s client essentially had made a terrorist threat in front of a Costco employee, while inside the store.
Wade Law Group associate, Brandon Chaidez, was assigned the case, and from the very beginning, maintained that the firm’s client did not engage in the acts alleged by the store employee. In Chaidez’s view, this was either a case of mistaken identity or the Costco employee was being untruthful. One reason Chaidez asserted that it could be a case of mistaken identity is because the firm’s client left the store on the day of the alleged incident and was not arrested until he re-entered the store several days later. Therefore, in Chaidez’s view, when officials arrested the firm’s client several days later when he re-entered the store, they were arresting the wrong person. In other words, if someone did make a terrorist threat three days prior, it was not the firm’s client.
As part of the firm’s representation, Chaidez demanded Costco to produce the video footage from the store on the day in question. Chaidez maintained that the video footage would corroborate his client’s contention that he never made the threat and that no one around him acted offended in any way. For some reason, Costco adamantly refused to produce the video and argued to the judge that he should just rely on the testimony of Costco’s store official and move forward with the trial, without the video footage. The judge granted Costco’s request and allowed the trial to move forward without the video, despite the outrage from the firm’s client and Mr. Chaidez.
At the end of the trial, Judge Fattarsi took the matter under submission and indicated that he would send out his ruling in writing. On Friday, October 18, 2019, the ruling was made and it was in favor of the firm’s client. Fattarsi determined that there was insufficient evidence to warrant the issuance of a restraining order. He also stated that he believed that the video that Costco had refused to produce would most likely have helped the firm’s client.
When asked how he felt about the ruling, Ms. Chaidez stated: “I’m extremely happy for our client. It feels good when the justice system works as it should.”