Wade Law Group Claims Victory

(San Jose, CA) October 23, 2019 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory today when the $5 million Rico/racketeering lawsuit brought against the firm’s client in federal court was dismissed. The 156 page lawsuit was filed on September 19, 2018, of last year and alleged that the firm’s client (who chooses to remain anonymous), had embezzled money and performed other illegal acts which caused the Plaintiff to be entitled to recover over $5 million.
When the firm was first retained, the firm’s founder, Amiel Wade stated that the lawsuit was frivolous and that he would prove it. He subsequently shocked the Plaintiff by filing a cross complaint against the Plaintiff, demanding that the Plaintiff actually pay his client money. The lawsuit was vigorously contested and the Plaintiff hired three (3) financial expert witnesses to help support his allegations that the firm’s client had committed the alleged offenses and engaged in racketeering and embezzlement. The case was set for trial in December 2019.
After Wade took the three experts’ depositions, as well as the Plaintiff’s, he claimed that the testimony of the Plaintiff and all of his witnesses was not credible and would not hold up in Court. Subsequently, Wade filed a summary judgment motion requesting that the entire case against his client be dismissed. Today, one day before the dismissal hearing, and after litigating the case and demanding the sum of over $5 million for over thirteen (13) months, the Plaintiff decided to ‘voluntarily’ dismiss his entire case against the firm’s client, in exchange for receiving nothing from the firm’s client, except for an agreement from the firm’s client that he would not sue the Plaintiff.
When asked how he felt about the dismissal, Wade stated: “We had to really work hard to get this one done, but I’m really pleased for our client. Justice was definitely done here.”