Most of us deal with other individuals every day.  We meet some people who tell us the truth, and unfortunately, we meet others who do not tell us the truth.  If you ultimately deal with someone who has agreed to perform in some way but has failed to deliver, you may have a right to sue someone and initiate litigation against the person for damages.  Whether or not you have a right to initiate litigation depends on the circumstances of your interactions with the other person.
For example, if you entered into an agreement with a person in which you agree to do something in exchange for the other person doing something else, and then you perform but the other person does not, you can initiate litigation against the other person for failing to perform (i.e. for breach of contract).  The contract does not need to be in writing. People can initiate litigation against others for breaching a verbal contract in the same manner in which they can initiate litigation against someone for breaching a written contract.
In addition to being able to initiate a lawsuit against someone for breaching a contract with you, there could be other occasions on which you could be allowed to initiate litigation against a person.  For example, if someone makes a false or misleading statement to you in an effort to get you to do something, and in reliance on said statement you perform some act that you otherwise would not have performed, you could sue someone for damages as a result of any harm you were to experience.  
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For example, if someone asks you to do something and they make false statements to you in order to get you to do it, and later after you have done it you discovered that the statements were false, you could potentially sue someone for fraud.
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