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Serena Rico

About me

About me

Serena is a highly valued member of the Wade Law Group team, responsible for overseeing the firm's operations, daily administrative functions, accounting, information systems, and personnel. With over 18 years of experience in business management and coaching, Serena's innate talent for training and educating others has allowed her to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Her detail-oriented approach and unwavering passion for her work have proven invaluable to the firm's success.

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Serena Rico


Serena is the driving force behind the seamless operation of Wade Law Group, ensuring that every aspect of the firm runs like a well-oiled machine. Her oversight extends to the company’s operations, daily administrative functions, and the management of accounting, information systems, marketing, and personnel. By implementing efficient workflows, Serena’s dedication to excellence maximizes the firm’s productivity and enhances the overall client experience. However, she believes that her most vital role is serving as a client liaison, where her ambition to achieve optimal client satisfaction truly shines.

Before joining the distinguished team at Wade Law Group, Serena amassed over 18 years of experience in business management and coaching. Her innate talent for training and educating others allowed her to build and form cohesive relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Renowned for her detail-oriented approach and unwavering passion for her work, Serena’s contributions to the firm have been nothing short of invaluable.

When she’s not orchestrating the smooth functioning of the firm, Serena’s athletic spirit leads her to participate in numerous endurance events. Her passion for trail running in state parks throughout the country has seen her clock 80-100 miles per month on scenic trails in various US state parks. Serena’s dedication to fitness and personal growth is a testament to her ability to balance her professional and personal life, showcasing her commitment to excelling in all areas.

Serena graduated from the prestigious City and Guilds Institute of London, England, before moving to California in 1994. Her well-traveled background and exposure to various cultures have enriched her worldview and contributed to her ability to connect with clients from all walks of life. Serena’s culturally diverse experiences have proven invaluable in her role at Wade Law Group, allowing her to bring a unique and empathetic perspective to her work.

In summary, Serena’s tireless work ethic, expertise in business management, and dedication to client satisfaction make her an integral part of the Wade Law Group team. Her passion for personal growth and athletic achievements outside of the office further demonstrates her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life. As Serena continues to strive for the best possible outcomes for both the firm and its clients, her impact on the organization is undeniable, and her star continues to shine brightly.

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