One of the most important aspects of any California business’s overall plan involves the location of the business. Just about every business needs at least some real estate space to operate in, and the type of real estate deal the business enters can really make or break the business in the long term.

Commercial real estate disputes

Most of the time, while negotiations may be intense, business real estate disputes go the way the parties anticipate. In other words, both sides get what they expect out of the deal. However, in a number of cases, the buyer or the seller may discover that their real estate deal just is not what they expected it to be. In the worst case scenario, a buyer may even discover that it has invested in property that just will not suit its business needs.
Real estate deals can also go awry for a number of reasons. In some cases, particularly when it comes to a commercial real estate agreement, the parties can get into a dispute over the terms of the contract. Litigation related to commercial leases or commercial purchase agreements are fairly common, but, without solid and experienced legal counsel, they can turn in to costly and stressful affairs.
In other cases, while the contract itself may look alright on paper. But, one side may feel that the other side was less than forthcoming in the negotiation process. For instance, it may turn out that the property has a defect or even has a problem with legal title. While remedies are available for this sort of underhanded or, at best, thoughtless behavior, proving one’s case can be difficult.