Wade & Silverstein Chair Business Empowerment Conference June 19, 2005
( San Jose , CA ) June 19, 2005 – Amiel L. Wade, and Judi L. Silverstein, President and Vice President of Wade & Silverstein Law Corporation, respectively, served as chairpersons of the Third Annual Business Empowerment Conference held on June 16, 2005 at the Saint Claire Hilton Hotel in San Jose , California . The empowerment conference was sponsored by Wade & Silverstein, Citibank, Wells Fargo Bank, Intel, Blue Shield of California and Agilent Technologies. The conference afforded both new and small business owners the unique opportunity to learn important business fundamentals. Each topic presented at the conference was done so by a panelist of accomplished experts in their fields. Some of the topics presented were as follows: how to get media exposure, how to set up a business the right way legally, how to get a business loan, how to stay motivated, how to fundraise, how to get adequate insurance, how to excel marketing your business, how to write a business plan, how to use technology to your advantage and how to obtain diversity contracts. Partner Judi Silverstein said, “The conference was a huge success. We have received great feedback from the attendees and hope to be able to do more for the small business community in the future.” Wade & Silverstein is a law firm specializing in business law and civil litigation. The firm’s founders are experienced business and trial attorneys who have handled several high profile cases, including one which resulted in a winning jury verdict of over $11 million dollars. Its clients include accident and personal injury victims, as well as companies in the fields of electronics, software development, internet and electronic commerce, marketing communications and others.
The firm asserts that it is the leading black owned law firm and minority owned law firm in California.