If you’re aware you require a lawyer but are not wrapped up within a criminal issue, then perhaps a civil litigation lawyer would be an excellent choice to assist you with your case!  Wade Litigation is a law office complete with numerous skilled lawyers with an expertise in a variety of practice areas, as well as civil litigation.  If you have decided a civil litigation lawyer is the best choice for you and your dispute, Wade Litigation is here to assist you with your legal needs.  
Imagine a case in which you performed a service under contract before receiving customer payment for whatever reason and intended to be later paid back.  Instead, your customer either refused or simply hadn’t paid you back in full.  A civil litigation lawyer would be able to assist you in receiving the appropriate compensation for a scenario such as this- many issues are part of the large repertoire of litigation areas civil litigation lawyers cover!

About Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit can be about a number of different issues.  From arguments between individuals, all the way to governmental problems, civil litigation lawyers are there to work these issues out knowledgeably and smoothly.  There are a few ways to go about civil lawsuits that a civil litigation lawyer would be able to guide you through, but a quick rundown of the steps may assist you with a further understanding of why a civil litigation lawyer is an excellent choice for success in your case.  In this scenario, you will have filed a complaint against an individual who has breached a contract.  Keep in mind, a dispute does not always necessarily have to result in court action, but if no agreement is reached during the pre-filing stage the initial pleading must take place and plays out as follows :

    • Complaint- The first step in a civil lawsuit is, sensibly, the issuance of a complaint, or a document detailing the issues that you are facing, and explain what you would like to request for compensation, monetary or not.
    • Calling upon the other party- Next, the individual who has committed an act against you needs to be summoned.  In order to do this a professional of legal experience will provide the defendant with the complaint and the fact that they will indeed be required to travel to court, as they have been summoned.
    • The answer- It will then be necessary for the defendant to process an answer, which is simply a response to the complaint you have filed.     

The key to building a well-constructed case is through preparation and experience with the issues you are currently facing.  Don’t let worry and stress consume your life due to the pressure of choosing a lawyer to support you through these turbulent times.  Wade Litigation has the civil litigation lawyer for you.
Prepared. Experienced. Knowledgeable.  These are the values and traits we place as a front runner in our law firm, values and traits that will give you the peace of mind to focus on the other components of your bustling life, and get your case settled.