We understand what you are seeking during your divorce: help with child support, spousal support, child custody & orders.

(San Jose, CA) 20 May, 2022 – Even under the best circumstances, certain aspects of divorce are very likely to be difficult. Ending a relationship usually unleashes a series of emotions including anger, grief, anxiety, and fear. Sometimes these feelings catch you off guard and rise when you least expect them. Therefore, you should try not to think of divorce as a battle.

During these times, trying to work things out by yourself might be hard. Divorce involves many processes such as demanding child support, spousal support, child custody and orders. It is a matter of seeking for trustworthy professionals and leaving it to the right hands.

A formal child support order is usually a common part of a divorce process. Non-custodial parents are ordered to make the child support payments based on several factors including the income, expenses, among others. Child support is intended to contribute to the child’s living costs. In an ideal scenario, a divorcing couple with dependent children would be able to sort it out between themselves without the need to involve the court. However, if one of the parties tries to hide their assets, history of domestic violence, or simply does not want to come to an agreement. It is them when it’s time to seek for professional help. While divorce might end a marriage, it doesn’t necessarily end the obligations of one spouse to another. The purpose of alimony or spousal support is to help one spouse establish a new, post-divorce life, by supplying them with an income. Alimony helps the spouse maintain their standard of living; it seeks to create fairness for the dependent spouse after the marriage ends. In order to determine the amount on alimony, courts consider the duration of the marriage, each person’s earning capability, their physical health, among others. It’s about recognizing a partner’s contribution to the marriage, and helping the recipient achieve a financial independence.

Especially when taking care of children, spousal support comes in handy. It compensates for the ongoing care of children, over and above any child support obligations. When children are involved either the court must decide or the parents must agree on how to handle issues like whether and how custody will be shared, who will make decisions for the kids, and how visitation will work. Children are not able to make the difficult decision of which parent they should live with, and parents themselves always want the best for their child. Child custody arrangements are done considering the right factors in order to decide what’s best for the child.

When a person receives an order in a divorce case, this order is backed up by the power of the court. If a spouse refuses to comply with the instructions included in the court order, there are usually ways to compel the spouse to follow the judge’s instructions. When divorce orders are made, after being analyzed by the registrar, they will be finalized a few weeks after the hearing. Orders and other type of requests during this process take their time, but being left at the right hands, they are no big matter to be dealt with