On behalf of Wade Law Group on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.
(Los Angeles, CA) October 6, 2017 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory Friday when Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Donna Fields Goldstein overturned a default judgment that had been entered against Maria Nagy almost one year ago.
The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County by Pasquale Zaza against Maria Nagy and her company who was unrepresented by counsel at the time the lawsuit was filed. Zaza alleged that Nagy was her business partner and had misappropriated business assets. Zaza was seeking a judgment in the amount of over $2,000,000 against Nagy and claimed that she served Nagy and the company properly. After the time for Nagy and the company to have filed a response had passed (and nothing had been filed by either), Zaza petitioned the court to enter a default judgment of over $2,000,000 against both Nagy and the company. That Petition was granted on October 17, 2016.
In June 2017, Nagy retained Wade Law Group and the firm immediately filed a motion to set aside the judgment. The firm argued that Nagy was never served and that Zaza had failed to follow the proper service procedures. The firm also argued that the lawsuit was without merit and that if Nagy and her company had been served properly, they would have responded to the lawsuit and defeated Zaza’s claims. In response, Zaza’s counsel vigorously opposed the motion. They argued that proper service procedures had been followed and that the judgment, which had been entered over one year ago, should not be set aside now.
On Friday, October 6, 2017, Judge Goldstein agreed with Wade Law Group and decided to overturn the one-year old default judgment. The firm has now filed a motion to have the entire lawsuit dismissed. That motion is pending before the court.
When asked how he felt about the victory, Wade stated: “the judge did the right thing. My client was never made aware of this lawsuit. We intend to get this lawsuit dismissed in its entirety.”

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