On February 20, 2105, a helicopter that was being towed by a semi-truck hit an overpass on the freeway. The helicopter was knocked off the truck and landed partially on the shoulder on its side. The accident occurred near Fontana in San Barnardino County on Interstate 15.
At least two cars were damaged as a result of the accident, but the extent of the damage to the overpass is not known at this time. There were no injuries reported.
The drivers of the two damaged vehicles could bring a personal injury lawsuit for the damages that their vehicles sustained and for any injuries that may have occurred as a result of this crash. Although it is unclear who was driving the truck, the driver, the company that he was driving for, and whoever loaded the helicopter on to the truck are likely all at least partially liable for the accident.
Trucks have very explicit requirements for height, specifically to avoid situations like this, and failure to comply with these regulations can cause very serious problems. It is extremely lucky that this accident did not cause more damage than actually occurred.
Any driver is responsible for the accidents that his vehicle or anything that he is carrying causes. This includes things that may become disconnected as they are being towed, debris (like a muffler that falls off or ice chunks), or things that fly out of the windows.
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Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_27566243/helicopter-towed-by-truck-strikes-southern-california-overpass