From corporate lawsuits to family divorces, the reality is that disputes happen in all walks of life. When these disputes result in legal disputes and court cases, it is time to find an attorney. Not every attorney provides the same level of services. And it can be hard to narrow down the choices when trying to discern the best attorney for your personal conflict. Fortunately, this is an easy choice for anyone that needs representation in the state of California. Continue reading if you are searching for the top lawyers in California 2018 has to offer. For more information about who we are and what we represent visit our website by following the link provided here: [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″].

Top Lawyers in California 2018 | Why [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″]?

We strive for justice. That stands true for every one of the people we represent. We use a tactical, aggressive, and intellectual approach to obtain rulings in favor of our client. This proven method is how we achieved our status in AIOLC’s “10 Best Attorneys in California” for three straight years.
Amiel Wade, our founding partner, has collected numerous awards and recognitions nationwide. He has been practicing law his entire adult life and is responsible for making us as successful as we are. We proudly share his pursuit of justice and vision for success. By making client satisfaction a priority, we rightfully obtained our status as the best law firm in California. Learn more about who we are and our other awards and recognitions in the video below:

Top Lawyers in California 2018 | Our Method

The method we use to obtain positive rulings is a 360-degree tactical approach. Once we learn of your dispute, the first step is to begin gathering as much information as possible. With diligent work, we educate ourselves in every facet of your case. Then, we use our thorough research to step into the courtroom prepared, informed, and ready to fight.
Once ready to advance, the next step is to take control of the case quickly. By acting aggressively, we are able to obtain positive rulings as soon as possible. This helps to not only end your dispute favorably but also prevents you from accumulating expensive court costs and legal fees.

Top Lawyers in California 2018 | Locations

The state of California is not small. That is why we chose to open offices throughout the state. These offices allow us to represent clients in any region of the state efficiently. You can find one of our offices in any of the following cities:

    • Alameda


    • Gilroy


    • Palo Alto


    • San Francisco


    • San Jose


    • San Mateo


Top Lawyers in California 2018 | About Us

[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] is a California law firm specializing in business, corporate, and civil law and litigation. We focus on client satisfaction and aim to continue to win cases for the people we represent at a fair price. CONTACT US if you wish to receive a free consultation or have any additional questions.
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Top Lawyers in California 2018