Search for small business attorney San Mateo and you will find a collection of lawyers exclaiming why they are the best choice for you. In contrast, we believe our long history of satisfied clients and a winning track record of acquiring positive resolutions speaks for itself.
If you want to be convinced by a smooth-talking salesman, feel free to call the other guys. If you want to know that the attorney fighting for you – the client – is the #1 priority, call Wade Law Group.
Wade Law Group backs its promises with a trail of awards and professional recognition in both the state of California and nationwide. Our commitment has always been and will always be pursuing justice for our clients.
Small business owners rely on every dollar earned and potential earnings expected to meet their quarterly financial goals. Something like a lawsuit or a similar business dispute can disrupt that bottom line quickly. And where established corporations or even larger businesses might have fallback options to keep cases tied up in the courts for years, that isn’t a luxury everyone can afford.
We understand even a month of court costs could mean letting beloved employees go just to stay in business. And our goal is to make the impact of your dispute reasonable and sustainable. That way you can get back to doing what you love and put whatever your need for a small business attorney San Mateo behind you.
For this reason, Wade Law Group fights with tactical precision and detailed planning to ensure we resolve your legal troubles in an efficient way. Rather than bill you unfair hours at exceedingly high legal costs over long periods of time, we fight aggressively to resolve your case in as little time as possible.
Putting an end to your small business dispute further means giving you the ability to focus on more important things. Our legal team is here for you and keeps your personal life close in mind.
Small business owners have enough stress and problems at work that need their immediate attention. But business disputes still happen nonetheless, which is why we take the burden from you.
We even offer financing options and provide completely free case consultations. This way you know, from the beginning, what to expect, and how to plan for the road ahead.
Read more about Amiel Wade, our primary small business attorney San Mateo, by visiting Wade Law Group online. Or watch the video below to see how we have accumulated a 4.9 Avvo rating and become one of the top small business lawyers in San Mateo, California. For a free case consultation, call 888-909-9430.

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