Finding the top small business attorney San Jose California has available should not be impossible. Tactical planning and courtroom experience are two of the most important traits any successful lawyer should have. Strategically planning the best way to quickly resolve your small business legal dispute saves you money and lets you move on with your life. But the longer you wait to find legal representation, the harder it might be to reach a fast, positive resolution. Fortunately, when it comes to successful representation and overall client satisfaction, there’s us. Continue reading to learn more or visit us at Wade Law Group.
Wade Law Group is a California law firm stationed primarily in San Jose, CA. We specialize in providing litigation practices and routinely settle disputes in the area of business law. Our gifted legal team combines their collective passion for justice with their legal expertise for fast results. Our unique approach for acquiring these results comes down to a tenacious attention to detail and an aggressive strategy to remain one step ahead of the opposition.
We understand that small business owners need their finances to thrive and grow. This is one of the primary reasons that aggressive tactics are so important. By aggressively fighting for our clients, we ensure that a resolution is obtained quickly, minimizing expensive court costs and legal fees. We also offer financing options for most new clients and free case consultations that honestly tell you what can be accomplished in the courts.
Putting an end to your small business dispute further means giving you the ability to focus on more important things. Our legal team is here for you and keeps your personal life close in mind. Small business owners have enough stress and problems at work that need their immediate attention. But business disputes still happen nonetheless, which is why we take the burden from you.
Our founding small business attorney, Amiel Wade, has a 4.9 Avvo rating and holds the recognition as one of the “10 Best Attorneys in California” in the area of client satisfaction. Watch the video provided below to learn more about all the awards and recognition we proudly boast at our reputable law firm. For a free case consultation with a small business attorney San Jose, call 888-909-9430. Or come speak with a small business attorney in person at our headquarters located at 262 East Main Street Los Gatos. Visit Wade Law Group to learn more or for general inquiries, please email us.

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