At Wade Litigation the most frequent call we get is for car accident attorney San Jose. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident don’t hesitate to call right away. Delaying legal counsel is a surefire way to not get properly compensated. Many insurance companies will say to call them ASAP (as soon as possible) but this is not always in your best interest financially. Of course you should eventually call them but many times they will attempt at recording your conversation and ask you a myriad of questions that can be used against your settlement in the future. Common questions include: Are you OK? Are you injured? and other questions that will paint your case squarely into a corner for a lesser deserved settlement.  Wade Litigation has the most proven San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers in California.
Later on down the road the insurance companies will use your own words against during mediation. You said you were “ok” and “no one was injured”! Many times adrenaline and endorphin’s will affect your body heavily during and after an accident. Pain receptors automatically shut down during highly stressful situations and a day later after you told the insurance company you were ok and not injured but you cannot get out of bed or walk. That is why you should call Wade Litigation if you or any loved one has been involved in any type of accident. Not just car accidents but truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accident, bus accidents, semi-truck accidents, boat accidents. Our san jose personal injury lawyers also handle many different types of personal injury litigation from dog bites to wrongful death.
Insurance companies have one bottom line – paying out the smallest claim possible. At Wade Litigation our founder Amiel Wade has the complete exact opposite approach. He and his team of san jose personal injury lawyers will go for the maximum allowed to fairly compensate the car accident victims. Most car accident attorneys will gladly settle out of court for a lesser financial settlement. The key word ‘lesser’ being they will do less work and almost work in tandem (cahoots) with the insurance companies to get in and out of dodge as quickly as possible. Less work equals less money paid out by insurance companies and less money in hand to cover much need financial losses. Amiel Wade prefers to take your case to the max by going the distance with a jury trial. The end result is getting a proper financial reward that will cover all of your expenses.
Do not allow your medical bills to pile up for years to come. With any lost income it is imperative to be compensated fairly and hold those accountable to lessen the financial strains that you will endure after a car accident. We have compiled the complete staff of san jose personal injury lawyers ready to represent you and get you what you deserve.
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