If you are in need of representation and looking for the best San Jose litigation law firms to fight for you, speak with our experienced attorneys at Wade Law Group. Wade’s San Jose attorneys have decades of experience and specialize in litigation counsel for business, corporate, and civil lawsuits. Our San Jose law offices serve as the headquarters for our California law firm. And our founding attorney has received awards and recognition for “Best San Jose Lawyer” by esteemed groups nationwide. The consultation is free, so why wait? If you have been served with court papers or a lawsuit recently, call 888-909-9430.
Winning cases in California is what we are in the business of doing best here at Wade Law Group. All of our skilled attorneys and law clerks have an expert understanding of California law. We have represented clients in just about every region of the state and use our unique strategy to obtain positive rulings. Wondering how it works? Take a look below at the typical steps we take whenever we take on a new case.

    • Consult: Our meeting with you is always the first step to get started. During case consultations, we make sure to ask you important questions so that we have all the information we need.


    • Collect Data: Collecting data and gathering information is one of the most important steps that get overlooked by even the best attorneys. Overconfidence can cause lawyers to trip up. That is why we commit ourselves to thorough, exhaustive research. Our goal is to be more informed than the opposition from the moment we step into the courtroom.


    • Strategize: Winning litigation practices to obtain positive rulings takes more than a desire for justice. Wade litigation attorneys use our collective experience to strategize the best plan to come out on top. Our 360-degree tactical approach is aggressive and all-inclusive. No details are left out and nothing is overlooked.


    • Case Closed: Court costs and legal fees are expensive. That is no secret. Many San Jose litigation law firms try and stretch out cases to keep your money coming in. However, our goal at Wade Law Group is to close your case successfully in as little time as possible. There is no reason you shouldn’t put your legal matter behind you and get on living your life.

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Though the San Jose law offices for Wade Law Group do act as our main headquarters, we also have satellite offices in many other California cities. You can find more Wade Law Group locations in San Francisco, Alameda, Gilroy, Oakland, San Mateo, and Palo Alto, CA. Our success has led us to belong among the top San Jose litigation law firms and our vision is to continue to gain both statewide and nationwide recognition.

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