Wade Litigation has established itself as one of the most successful San Jose Law firm over the last decade.  Wade Litigation is proud to call San Jose home for its headquarters.  If you need a California lawyer, we have satellite offices throughout the state of California that specialize in many different legal fields.  Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Divorce & Family Law, Corporate Law, Business Law & Personal Injury Litigation.  Our success is easily documented by many different trust elements.  When hiring a San Jose Law Firm you should do some basic research to verify client and peer reviews.  If a client is happy they will let you know but when you own peers respect you that means you are truly going above and beyond in your professional field.

How Our San Jose Lawyers Can Help You

Our deserving clientele is regularly getting compensated accordingly.  Our San Jose Law Firm has a department that solely specializes in Personal Injury Litigation.  There is a myriad of ways in which a negligent action will trigger a legitimate lawsuit.  Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrians versus motor vehicle are some of the most common personal injury cases.  Other types of common personal injury cases are medically related:  brain injury and head trauma, spinal cord injury, malpractice for botched surgery and defective drugs.  Slip and fall injuries caused by negligent actions are commonplace in retail and business environments.  It’s not your fault someone dropped some slippery substance and the store didn’t clean it for hours.  Wade Litigation is renown for their ability to not settle your case early.  The end result is making the insurance companies pay the maximum amount so you can be rightfully compensated.  Amiel Wade the founder of Wade Litigation is known for being extremely convincing when it comes to persuading jurors on behalf of his clients.  Wrongful death is most serious of all personal injury cases in which Wade Litigation has the misfortune to represent you or a loved family member.
The corporate and business sector of our San Jose Law Firm has proven to be one of the most effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Our San Jose Business Lawyers will help you whether you are going through the initial setup of your business or need articles of incorporation drawn up and filed with the state of California.  Our close proximity to the State Capitol in Sacramento allows us to have immediate access to key government facilities to expedite any corporate matter.
Finding yourself at the San Jose family court is not something anyone plans on and looks forward too.  If you need a divorce lawyer San Jose don’t go at it by yourself, call [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″].  Family law San Jose can be comprised of many different issues: divorce attorney San Jose, child support attorney San Jose, child custody lawyer san jose, child support lawyer san jose, San Jose divorce attorney, Santa Clara County lawyers, Santa Clara family law, Santa Clara attorney, family law Canta Clara County.
If you are looking to hire a San Jose Law Firm – call Wade Litigation now for a free legal consultation. Business & Civil Litigation is our specialty.  Call 888-909-9430 for a free legal consultation and read more here!
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