A divorce is a stressful time and a San Jose divorce lawyer can help clients navigate the challenging period while protecting their rights. With the right legal representation, clients going through a divorce have a vital resource in ensuring their interests are met. Because there are a vast number of divorce attorneys available, though, it can make choosing the right divorce attorney in San Jose challenging.
Fortunately, there are questions that clients can ask potential divorce lawyers to get a better understanding of their experience and if they are the best choice. These questions can give clients the assurance that their divorce attorney is not only qualified but aggressive about protecting their clients’ rights. Continue reading to learn what these questions are.

How Long Have You Been Involved In Divorce Law?

Experience is an extremely important factor when considering a San Jose divorce lawyer to represent a client during the difficult and sometimes hostile process of divorce. Clients should place a focus on asking what their potential divorce lawyer’s experience in family law is. Their experience can be paramount if the divorce is going to become contested and difficult.
It is not uncommon for divorce cases to go to trial. When this occurs, it is extremely important to have an experienced divorce attorney that has a successful history at trial. The right divorce lawyer will be able to:

    • Present evidence to the court during a trial.
    • Make objections to evidence when necessary.
    • Conduct cross and direct examinations at trial.
    • Prepare legal arguments and properly file motions with the court.

These attributes are extremely important in ensuring a client’s case has a positive resolution and their rights are protected during a divorce. Finding a divorce attorney that shares these attributes is paramount.

Do You Have Experience With Other Cases Beyond Divorce?

This question is important in understanding how dedicated a San Jose divorce lawyer will be to a client’s case. Some lawyers will involve themselves in other legal areas of the law, which can take their attention away from clients’ cases. Divorce attorneys who focus exclusively in the field of family law are able to provide clients deeper attention and an understanding of the divorce process inside the courtroom and out.
Focus on finding a divorce attorney who is dedicated to their clients’ unique needs and interests. Also, consider things like experience with divorce litigation and family law.

How Will You Keep Me Updated On The Status Of My Case?

Open communication between a divorce lawyer and their client is extremely important in ensuring a positive resolution. Circumstances during the divorce process can quickly change by the day which makes communication paramount. When speaking with a potential San Jose divorce lawyer, it is important to establish what their policy of communication is by asking:

    • Will the lawyer contact you directly or through their team?
    • How long does it typically take to receive a return call from them?
    • What medium of communication does the attorney use to contact clients: in-person, phone, or e-mail?
    • How often will the divorce attorney contact their clients?

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