If you have been injured in a car accident or any type of auto incident consult a San Jose lawyer for personal injury.  When you find yourself in need of a San Jose Car Accident Lawyer call Wade Litigation.  Amiel Wade knows firsthand the tremendous and devastating impact that a car accident will take on you and your family.  With decades of legal experience representing clients who have been injured in a car accident or lost a loved family member due to the negligence of another party.  We are certain that we will get you the proper amount of compensation that will cover all expenses.
Medical expenses and lost income due to the car accident must be fairly accounted for your attorney.  Otherwise, you will end up with massive bills and a short monetary settlement out front that appears feasible.  Insurance companies are taught to offer what appears to be an acceptable settlement by offering a cash settlement upfront immediately. At first glance this sum of money is enticing but it will not properly compensate you for lost income and all of your medical bills. Insurance companies are banking on the fact that you will need some money due to being out of work from the car accident.  Amiel Wade has a hard-earned reputation for going the distance in the courtroom. Getting your car accident claim and case in front of a judge and or trial jury is a proven method to getting a large financial settlement.  San Jose Car Accident Lawyer who will fight for you and your family’s rights.
When choosing a San Jose car accident lawyer you should pick one who is proven in the courtroom and approved by his peers.  Wade Litigation is renowned for staffing his San Jose law firm with the most distinguished and award-winning attorneys. Our San Jose lawyers routinely help all many different clients and their families. Amiel Wade is proud to have many awards of distinction including the prestigious Top Attorney Litigation from Avvo Rating with a 9.7 superb ranking.  Year after year Amiel Wade routinely finds himself being listed as the 10 best by the American Institute of Legal Counsel for client satisfaction. Martindale-Hubbell is by far the oldest and most respected legal rating system on the planet at almost 150 years old. Did we mention Amiel Wade has a 4.8 out of five-star rating on Martindale-Hubbell.
So remember if you or any loved one has been injured in a car accident give us a call.  Many times your insurance company will tell you not to contact a lawyer when in fact that is the worst possible advice.  The reason your insurance company doesn’t want you contacting legal counsel is that they know they will have to pay you more money.  Of course, you will need to contact your insurance company at some point but it is best to let your attorney handle that aspect of the case for you.  This will help you get the largest financial settlement.
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