The practice area of commercial and business litigation deals with legal matters and disputes relating to business. This can include a variety of different scenarios, including breach of contract, class actions, and more. If you believe you might benefit from having legal representation, consider contacting a San Jose business litigation lawyer with proven success.
Litigation, in general, might take place in a diverse variety of venues. These might include state courts, federal courts, administrative hearings, pre-litigation counseling, mediation, arbitration, or private arbitrations. Each of these situations and venue types depends on the case and what the details call for.
Your San Jose business litigation lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complexities of litigation with confidence. Having adequate legal representation with proven success and decades of experience will give you the edge to reach a resolution in your favor.

Examples of Commercial & Business Litigation

It’s necessary to know when your legal dispute is serious enough to call for litigation lawyers. After all, court matters can stressful and expensive, especially when coupled with the costs for an attorney.
Some examples of commercial and business litigation matters include:

    • Antitrust Litigation


    • Business Fraud


    • Contract Disputes


    • Employment Disputes


    • Franchise Disputes


    • Intellectual Property Disputes


    • Patent Infringement

However, some disputes require either legal intervention of competent representation to gain fairness. You can count on [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] to provide this level of legal counsel with a focus on making sure you, the client, are adequately represented throughout your case.

Proven Business Litigation Lawyer

[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] is well known for our tactical and aggressive approach for fighting for our client’s rights. Our primary San Jose business litigation lawyer has been victorious as a trial lawyer during high-profile cases and will represent you with the same level of tenacity.
Navigating the litigation proceeding with foresight takes a unique level of experience only found over decades of experience doing so. Rather than hope for the best, you should feel confident in your case moving forward before you choose to do so.
Contact our San Jose business litigation lawyer today to set up a free legal consultation. A member of our team will happily discuss your matters and advise you on what your next best step should be. Fill out our contact form online or call us at 888-909-9430 for assistance.
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