Looking for a San Jose Business Lawyer?  Wade Law Group separates itself from other San Jose Lawyers by bridging the gap that exist between lawyers and clients.  Our business lawyers have many years of experience counselling all types of companies.  Our business lawyers can assist you with any legal matter pertaining to your company (small business or large business).  As the Founder of Wade Litigation, Amiel Wade knows that the changing landscape of operating a business creates issues periodically that must be met head on by a business lawyer.  This all around aggressive approach used by Wade Litigation helps our business lawyers anticipate legal issues before they arise protecting your entrepreneurial investment.  Don’t let the cumbersome nature of setting up a small business keep you from pursuing your goals and aspirations.  Wade Litigation wants to be part of your business success.
Wade Law Group has a long standing reputation for successfully representing businesses throughout California.  We handle all aspects of business law from start up to existing businesses.  Our years of experience representing San Jose Businesses has led us to us to greater expansion covering the majority of California.  Amiel Wade will make sure that you are represented to the nth degree and treat you as if he was your in house counsel.  Our dedication to providing your business with a legal blanket of protection and direction is our ultimate goal.  The passion we have regarding your business success is palpable in everything we do from the moment you first call all the way through to a successful courtroom verdict on your behalf.  Our San Jose business lawyer proudly serves California.  
It’s not a wise financial move to start a business without a san jose business lawyer.  Legal counsel should be consulted for any business entity formation.  Contact Wade Law Group and speak with a san jose business lawyer today.  Get the ball rolling in the right direction for your startup business.  If you are starting a business in San Jose you will need proven informative legal advice for around San Jose – Wade Law Group.  Our experienced business lawyers will help you determine the best route for your business’s path.  Attempting to navigate the complex labyrinth of state required forms by yourself is a surefire way to make many mistakes and consequential errors that will be hard to overcome fiscally.  No worries if you have already started the process, we can step in and fix any legal issues that need to be corrected.  
Having an informed decision by competent legal counsel will make choosing the proper business entity type.  Wade Law Group is ready to assist you whether you go with a Sole Proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company), Cooperative, Corporation, Partnership or S Corporation.  Not every business can be created out of a boilerplate document.  Don’t be fooled by the low fee advertisements for creation of a corporation.  These get some quick money schemes will leave open many doors and have you bearing the culpability for large financial losses.  Having a custom approach to your business will shut these doors permanently and keep your investment secure and protected.
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