Don’t get into a legal fight without a skilled San Jose business law firm on your side. Knowledgeable business attorneys make sure that every aspect of your case is looked at, every angle considered. And your California business lawyer should know California business law in and out. This can only be gained through a life devoted to justice, no matter what legal area a law group practices in.
Fortunately, for those looking for the top San Jose business law firm to represent them, there’s us. Wade Law Group is a San Jose business law firm with satellite locations throughout California. We help clients that have been served with papers, received a business lawsuit, or have another legal dispute that calls for an experienced, successful litigation attorney.
Don’t leave your legal matter up to chance. Don’t dismiss the possibility of receiving a positive ruling in your favor quickly. And, most importantly, don’t defeat yourself.
Wade Law Group is here to support you, no matter what situation you are in. It takes a team of passionate business attorneys, along with exceptional legal support, to become a leading law firm in California. And, when you choose Wade Law Group, experienced, successful business attorneys and exceptional legal support are precisely what you get.
The strategy we use to achieve legal outcomes in your favor addresses every issue from every angle. With thorough research and aggressive movements, we tackle your case at its very foundation. And, by moving quickly and acting aggressively, we also help you ensure you don’t wind up paying excruciatingly high court costs and legal fees.
If you are unsure about financing or how much our services will cost, call us. We offer our clients different financing plans. You can even call us to get a free case consultation and service estimate at absolutely no cost to you. So, no matter what your financial situation might be, call us at 888-909-9430 and we will do everything we can to work with you.
Though we are a San Jose business law firm, Wade Law Group represents clients throughout the state of California. In fact, we have satellite locations in just about every region of the state. This permits us to adequately provide business litigation services in San Francisco and deal with class-action corporate lawsuits in Gilroy. We have satellite offices that are conveniently located in each of the cities listed below:

    • Oakland


    • Gilroy


    • Palo Alto


    • San Francisco


    • San Mateo

Our founding partner, Amiel Wade, has practiced law his entire adult life and vigorously pursues justice for each and every client he represents. To find out more about Amiel Wade and Wade Law Group, or to learn about our awards and recognition in client satisfaction, watch the video below. Call us at 888-909-9430 for a free case consultation or Contact Us for more information.

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