If you are planning on starting a new business or have an existing business you should consult a San Jose Business Attorney for legal advice.  What sets Wade Litigation apart from other San Jose law firms?
With there being so many San Jose lawyers out there to choose from you need to find a firm you can develop a trusting relationship with us.  You can expect Wade Litigation to understand because we wholeheartedly care about our clients and we always strive to put their interests first.  Our emphasis is focused on getting positive results not billable hours.  We find a happy medium right between legal perfectionist and reasonable rates.  At Wade Litigation we recognize that saving money at every corner is imperative for a business to succeed.  Large law firm proficiency and legal knowledge with small law firm fees.  Our attorneys come from many different legal backgrounds with distinguished careers that set them apart from other lawyers.   

How wade litigation can assist you with business legal matters    

Amiel Wade has legal experience for all type of business structures: Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Cooperative, Corporation, Partnership, S Corporation.  Let our San Jose business attorney help you with anything from a leveraged buyouts, startup or even an IPO.  Our reasonable rates can help any startup or business with large law firm know how.  Our ability to offer upfront cost and estimates lets us deliver the highest quality of legal expertise at a much lower price that the big law firms.
The Wade Litigation approach is to offer preventive legal advice that will eliminate expensive litigation bills down the road.  When businesses do not have legal counsel upfront for their business during startup they greatly increase their risk for monetary damages.  Expensive litigation for your business and lawsuits against it will cause reputation issues, loss of competitive advantage and market share.  Having a San Jose business attorney will mitigate legal pitfalls.  Confronting potential areas of concern upfront is the best way to minimize damages.  Let us assist you in navigating the complex issues that will most definitely arise in the day to day operations for running a business.  Complying with laws at all levels (state, federal, city) and industry regulations is multifaceted and without legal interpretation you will surely increase your odds for mistakes.  
Let Wade Litigation help you take your business to the next level.  Quick response time and rapid legal action for all of our clients is paramount.  Phone call and emails will be met with prompt responses and you will be kept in the legal loop throughout the duration.  Our hands on legal approach and open door policy helps us quickly and efficiently solve these issues at the arise.  Identifying potential areas of concern permits a cost effective legal solution that will keep cost down.  Implementing a legal solution as soon as an issue has been identified in a timely manner is our goal.
Need a San Jose business attorney call Wade Litigation.  (888) 909-9430
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