The next time you contemplate hiring a San Jose Lawyer consider what we believe is one of the preeminent San Jose Law firm (s) in town.  Wade Litigation has assembled the a great team of award-winning San Jose attorneys. Our experienced team of attorneys is well respected in the courtroom and by their peers.  Wade litigation has many areas of expertise but their main discipline is in the litigation arena.  Our civil litigation department will handle any type of case at the state level (trial and appellate) and beyond to the California Supreme Court.
Trial courts are where Wade Litigation certainly sets themselves apart from other San Jose law firms. Our San Jose attorneys have won numerous large settlements on behalf of their clients., Amiel Wade is one of the most respected trial lawyers and and around California.. Although there headquarters are located San Jose  they have satellite offices all throughout the state serving all California. All San Jose attorneys should have a rating from different legal review websites. If they don’t have a rating this should be a minor or actually a major red flag. Generally this means that they are new to the legal profession or they have not garnered any reviews within the legal community due to lack of actual work.within the California courts.

San Jose Attorneys – family and business law

Wade litigation has pristine ratings from multiple respected legal review sites.  A Top Attorney Litigation rating from Avvo is hard to come by:  Wade Litigation has a 9.7 Superb rating. The American Institute of Legal Counsel continually awards Wade litigation for Client Satisfaction year after year and is ranked  in the top 10 best for the state of California.  Martindale Hubbell is easily one of the oldest systems in the world for reviewing and rating lawyers dating to the late 1800s.Wade litigation has a near perfect 4.8 out of five stars on Martindale Hubbell. As you can see Wade litigation is not only respected by their peers but also their clients.
We also have a business litigation department that handles mergers, acquisitions, common business disputes, articles of incorporation (Sole Proprietorship,  Cooperative, Corporation, partnership or S corporation, (limited liability corporation). Whenever you consider starting a business should consult San Jose attorneys that have a stellar reputation for delivering positive results.  Sometimes there is an issue distinguishing between a San Jose Business Lawyer & San Jose Corporate Lawyer.  At Wade Litigation we handle all aspects of business law and corporate law.
Our San Jose attorneys are renown for their personal injury merits.  When you are in need of a San Jose Personal Injury attorney, ask about past successes.  Amiel Wade has led many legal teams at Wade Litigation to the highest allowed financial awards time and time again.
Trouble at home – need a great divorce lawyer San Jose.  Wade Litigation has a complete department dedicated to San Family Law.  Next time you or a family member is looking for a san jose family law attorney – consult Wade Litigation.  Our team of San Jose Attorneys will work on your behalf to deliver positive results for any legal problems you might have.
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