Homeowners can name many reasons why they prefer owning to renting, including the fact that they have the freedom to improve their property as they like within the laws of their California jurisdiction. This may mean installing a pool, building a storage shed, erecting a fence or putting an addition on their homes, among other things. However, what happens when a neighbor’s improvement project crosses the property line?

Homeowners litigation

Too often, homeowners are uncertain of the boundary lines that divide their property. One homeowner may realize that a neighbor’s new construction project encroaches on his or her property. Ideally, the neighbors can resolve the conflict with a conversation, but this is not always the case. If the neighbors cannot agree where the property line is, litigation may be necessary.
Taking a disagreement over property lines to court requires the homeowner to gather proof of ownership of the land in dispute. This may include gathering accurate land records, surveys and other information. The homeowner should have a goal in mind, such as forcing the neighbor to remove the encroaching structure or selling the disputed land to the neighbor.
A boundary dispute can be complicated and stressful. It does not always end with positive feelings between neighbors, and it is common for these legal actions to take considerable time and effort. However, California homeowners have the right to protect what belongs to them, and a skilled attorney can assist them in reaching their goals.