To many California residents, the idea of treating someone differently simply due to the color of his or her skin seems appalling. Unfortunately, numerous individuals across the country face race discrimination consistently, even at their place of employment. In some cases, workers may even feel that this type of discrimination contributed to their employment termination.
It was recently reported that multiple individuals who worked for a donut shop in another state feel that the environment harbored racist and discriminatory tendencies. One female worker believes that her race played a role in her termination after she expressed views about the shop staying open despite a worker testing positive for COVID-19. She believed that it would be better for the shop to close, which she stated in a work-related chat. Soon after, she was dismissed from her job.
The official reasoning behind the termination was reported as relating to the worker’s pessimistic attitude and contributions to a toxic work environment. However, the worker, who is Black, believes that it was racially charged as no one else was fired after commenting on the issue. Additionally, she and other Black female workers stated that they were consistently treated differently than other employees while working at the donut shop. One owner stated that the termination had nothing to do with the worker’s race, but it was an overreaction.
Race discrimination has no place in the world, let alone the workplace. Unfortunately, too many people continue to unfairly lose their jobs, face disciplinary action and contend with harassment simply due to their race. If California workers believe that they have been subjected to illegal treatment relating to discriminatory actions at work, they may want to look into their options for seeking justice.