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2022 Top California Probate law Firm , by the Global Excellence Awards


We are your Probate Attorneys

Whether you are an executor or trustee, a beneficiary or a creditor, we can guide you through the entire probate process.

Wade Law Group has been helping grieving loved ones navigate California probate rules to ensure that the estate management process goes as smoothly as possible. Retaining the services of an attorney can give tremendous peace of mind during what can be a difficult time.

Millions of people die each year without a valid will.

If a family member or beneficiary passed away, you may be in jeopardy of someone misappropriating trust and/or estate assets. That is why it is important to consult legal advice as soon as possible.

For many estate administration professionals who have the responsibility for handling a decedent’s estate, the experience can seem daunting. Our legal team at Wade Law Group is committed to simplifying the process. We give you all the legal assistance you need to ensure that the trust and/or estate assets are not embezzlement if a family member or beneficiary has passed away.

At the Wade Law Group, we’re experienced probate attorneys and attorneys at law, assisting you in probate litigation, administration of estates, and simple wills.


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Benefits Of Reaching Out To Wade Law Group

Wade Law Group is a probate law firm that provides outstanding legal representation.

Working with a law firm that can solve your problems and confrontations. We provide services to assist families in solving disputes and resolving issues. Our services encompass probate, reverse mortgages and probate litigation. We resolve issues for affected individuals, families & businesses alike.

Wade Law Group has extensive experience litigating in probate and divorce, including arbitration. The law firm is comprised of many successful litigators who have also provided superior legal services to many satisfied clients.

Other Probate Litigation Conflicts Our Firm Handles

Even if a Will is determined to be valid, many other disputes can arise as an estate moves through probate. The attorneys of our firm have more than 35 years of collective experience as civil litigators, and some of the probate cases they handle regularly include:

  • Contested trust, guardianship and conservatorship cases
  • Disputes over jointly owned properties
  • Tax apportionment disagreements
  • Challenges to the estate administrator’s execution of their fiduciary responsibilities

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Wade Law Group

Probate Litigation


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What we've achieved throughout the years

Wade law Group has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in a manner that gets winning results, and has caused the firm to become the recipient of numerous awards.

  • The firm was named 2022 Most Outstanding Probate Litigation Firm by Acquisition International 
  • Top business litigation law firm in the state in 2021.
  • 2021 and 2022 Top ten California attorneys, by the National Academy of family law attorneys.
  • 2021 Top Attorney Premier by Lawyers of Americas
  • Top ten attorney by the American Institute of family law attorneys
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by the Legal Network
  • Top civil litigation attorney, by Lawyers of Distinction
  • Top litigation attorney by America Lawyer Media
Wade Law Group Awards

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We offer a unique Billing Pledge to all our Clients

We are mindful of every second of time we spend and the client’s desire to minimize fees while seeking expert legal service, so we only record the time necessary to achieve the client’s goal. Two firm managers and our founder, review your legal bills before they go out to make sure they are accurate, fair and in line with your case. We make sure that you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need. We also split the time between the lawyers and paralegals so that lawyers do not do any work that the paralegals can do and therefore reduce the cost.

We believe great client service begins with fair and honest billing practices. Our firm provides exceptional service while minimizing expenses and protecting your assets. Wade Law Group will not allow these common pitfalls to affect us. We will do quality work efficiently, and we will give you a clear breakdown of the tasks and hours performed in your case.


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1. What is a Retainer Deposit?

A retainer deposit is an advance of payment made by a client to an attorney and it is considered a down payment on the future services rendered by that professional. The retainer deposit funds the initial expenses of the working relationship. Wade Law Group offers retainer-based billing so that portions of retainer deposits can be refunded if services end up costing less than originally planned.

For instance, with A $2000 Retainer Deposit If the hourly legal cost charges a total of $100 an hour, we would cover a 20-hour limit. In the case that more time is needed, we would charge the additional amount, and in the case that it is minor, we would return what was not needed. Our goal is to be accessible and always make sure you’re getting the best representation possible.

2. Why Choose Wade Law Group?

At Wade Law Group, the relationships we build with our clients are extremely important. These relationships start as early as the first free consultation until your case is resolved.

We work hard to achieve the best possible results for each client, providing the highest quality legal service in an ethical and professional manner. We are committed to respecting our clients, standing behind our work, being attentive to detail and continually finding better ways of doing things.

When family disputes arise, the most painful part of losing a loved one can become even more difficult. A will dispute is also common. Heirs may disagree in an inheritance dispute and surviving siblings may argue with the administrator of the estate over the terms of a will. You can be sure that our skilled attorneys and legal staff will take the time to get to know you and your case and will work diligently to achieve the best possible results

the WADE LAW GROUP difference

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